Friday, August 4, 2017

Three Things I’ll Spend Money On (and Three I Won’t)

I read the captioned post by Mr. 1500 on BudgetAreSexy and feel inspired to write on the same topic. I'm going to share my 2 cents.
To most of us, money is a limited resources, so what a person is willing to spend money on tells you a lot about a person priority in life.

Three things I'll spend money on

Here are three things I would spend money on:
  1. Taxi rides: It takes me over an hour to get home from work by bus or subway at less than US$1. While the taxi ride takes 15 minute max, and less than US$8.  It costs 8 times more to ride a cab but I still cab. I only do it one way. If I take the $7 difference multiply by 20 days, it costs $160 a month. It is more than worth it when the extra 45 minutes is 100% spent with Mochi. 
  2. Quality shoes: I own a few pairs of Roger Vivier, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tod's and the like. They cost over $500 a pair compared to $100 or less for a pair of Nine West for other brands. However, the RV and SF are of high quality. They last 10 times longer than my other shoes. Not to say they are more elegant. I'd rather own less shoes but all quality shoes. 

  3. To each their own

  4. Ice cream maker: Ice cream is my favourite food! After contemplating the purchase for close to 10 years, I decided to splurge on a compressor ice cream maker after such a long time! When it is something you wanted even after 10 years, you have done your research and think through it, you just have to get it.

Three Things I won't spend money on:

  1. Car: Public transport and taxi costs me $200- $500 a month even if I cab everywhere. I just don't see how can I justify getting a car when parking itself would set me back $500 a month.  Most cars also only depreciate in value. Of course the math would be different depends where you live. But I always choose to live downtown close to public transport. Unless my job gets moved to the suburb, I hope I would not need a car.
  2. Books: My home is 5 minute walk from the flagship library in the city. Unless it is a book I loved so much or a book I cannot find in the library, I decided to stop buying books. I also donated all the books I won't reread. No point of owning another piece of dust collector.
  3. Designer bags: You may want to ask, why would I purchase designer shoes but not designer bags? True that I have a few designer bags. I have had many bags from many brands Miu Miu, YSL, Marc Jacob's, Balenciaga, Tod's, Marc by MJ, Kate Spade etc. (Just typing the names make me feel excited). But I learnt from the lesson. Bag is not my passion or interest. I have had a few bags turned mouldy due to humidity and poor maintenance. I now own 3 designer bags and use them for different occasions. Some people pursue new style and sell them after a few months of use. If you love and maintain your bags well, you deserve to own them. But for me, leaving expensive bags turn mouldy... The bags deserve better owners! LOL. 

So these are my priorities and choices. To each their own. What you would and would not spend money on reflects on your passion and priorities in life. How about you? What are the things you would and would not spend money on?

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